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gimbal camera reversed


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Sep 18, 2018
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Goodmorning everyone
This happened to me:
The parrot I just replaced the drone, and I arrived with a defect, the control of the camera gimbal is reversed, if I move the lever up the camera makes it down, and if I move the lever down, the camera goes upward.

here the video

I can not solve the problem the parrot is wasting my time,
is already the third drone that I have replaced in warranty in 2 months, and outrageous
Test it to see if is firmware issue....reset anafi by holding power button for 12 seconds,after that open freeight 6 and hit X% icon next to SD card icon,in ne t screen scroll down and hit Factory Reset button,after that follow procedure and calibrate Anafi , tap Controller icon(next to Sd card icon) and hit Reset...go to Freeflight 6 settings/Camera,scroll down and hit Reset All Settings.....test it
Why are you shouting? SkyDreamer is just offering what they consider helpful hints.
sorry but I'm disappointed
I totally understand that, it would have to be disappointing. But Skydreamer is not the source of your frustration. We're all here because we A) want to learn, B) need help or C) think we have something to share.

I've not seen a Parrot rep on here yet (or any drone company rep on any drone forum...curious) but if there were, even then I think polite discord would probably work better.

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