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GPS Repair


Feb 28, 2019
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I'm going to try and get my GPS signal back. I ordered a GPS board, and going to swap out for my original one.

Are there any issues I should look for? I've watched videos on doing it, and it looks like pulling nose cone, and disconnecting the ribbon is all I have to do. Unscrew the board, and put the new one in.

I just removed the nose cone for a trial run. There is a flat metal sheet that is quite wide.
It's kind of difficult to slide the nose cone back, as metal sheet mates against the foam inside the nose cone. It's also to wide to clear the back opening of the plastic nose cone.

I hope someone who has done this, will come up with some tricks, that would make this any easier?
Have a look on youtube for a tutorial and just follow what they are doing.

Thanks for reply.
I have watched the videos. They make reinstalling the nose cone look like it goes on real slick!
NOT-SO! It is hard to slide the cone past the metal plate. I don't like forcing things. That's why I asked if any one here has any suggestions. Youtube videos make it look like everything just falls into place. I wanted advice from someone who has actually done this.

As I mentioned, I did get the cone back on, but it was by applying (in my opinion) to much force.
Thanks a bunch! I'm waiting on my new board. Will do the swap when it comes in. Hope it gets my GPS indication back.
It's been intermittent. Sometimes it's Green, and sometimes it's not. When it is not, I loose my elevation, and distance readouts too.

Got my new GPS board & installed it. GPS works ok. Did a few short (drive-way) flights to test it.
* First flight I had the Bebop2 on pavement, and GPS went green.
* Second was a little longer. Took off, and was about 15 feet up when it went green.
Even displayed my elevation & distance readouts.
*-The third time I connected in my office, next to a window, and it went green.
( I just wanted to see what my battery was reading after charging it. 99%)

I wonder if the difficulty in getting a green lock is proportional to the battery charge level?
1st flight the battery was about 20%. 2d flight it was close to 5-10%. 3d time it was with a full charge?

The install was easy. Only difficult part was putting the nose cone back on over the GPS board's metal plate. Didn't want to damage it by forcing it.
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