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Has anybody used both the Anafi and DJI Mavic Pro with waypoint flight plans?

Wade Gizzy

Nov 25, 2018
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How did they compare in terms of setting them up on the phone/tablet, and how were the results?
I have both and I can compare.
the flight plan inside DjiGo is not very interresting for me because the camera setting cannot be set for each waypoint. So no interest.
It is necessary to buy and use the third party Litchi which is very very very nice to prepare flight plans. A flight plan can be prepared via Internet and it can be simulated via google earth in order to adjust what is need to prepare something as perfect as possible.
It is also easy to set a flight plan directy "on the fly", and it is also easy to set each waypoint with the camera tilt by driving the mavic itself at each wanted point.

I love too using the flight plan with the Anafi because the flight is very smooth. It is more cinematic than with my Mavic Pro. It is easier to set, more friendly and I can use it more often for every day use. But it is less sophisticated and sadly there is no way to simulate in google earth in advance, neither prepare it via Internet on a desktop monitor

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