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Hello. I just got a Parrot Anafi, having issue getting the phone app connected to the controller/drone. The wifi is connected just fine.

I'm in Central Texas
Is thecAnafi new or used?
Is your phone Apple or Android?
Also check that the USB-A port on the controller where the lead to the phone connects is firm as they have been known to come loose.
I use Android and I am not familiar with Apple products. Was the Anafi demonstrated to you as working? You could try using a different device. I assume that you are using the "Freeflight 6" app and not the "Freeflight 7" one.
There wasn't an "demonstration". I bought it via amazon when I couldn't find a place close by selling it, after being recommended to me by my instructor.

From what I see, Freeflight 7 is for Anafi Ai, not the type I have.
Hello All,
My name is Chris, I live in Rochester, Mn. I have dabbling in RC flight on and off for 10 yrs or so. Never had invested a lot of time or money until Covid and began putting considerable amount of more time and money and flight sim time into it and truthfully it has been trying at times. I have learned my lessons the hard way. Mistakes (some of my own making, ok, most of my own making), lack of hands on help from experienced pilots(as the group is small and unrealized by me here), and ego. Ego has been the most costly and the reason I am here today. I am stumped and hoping the wisdom of others can help me. I have had both Parrot bebop 1 and 2. I now have 2 bebop 1's, a Rotor Riot CL 1, a Diatone 3' cine, Diatone 3", and a couple other whoops and 3"ers. I enjoy the build process. All of which are riding the bench for various reasons, mostly hot soldering iron bungles(ego fed), but the 2 bebops are rebuilds and giving me troubles with the the firmware's of bebop and skycontroller 1 and either tablet, phone , or pc playing nice.. Nutshelling it, the skycontroller is running freeflight 3 ver. 3.3.xxx I believe, with firmware 1.6.6. Phone, tablet and pc(using blue stacks as emulator) all are running the lastest Freeflight Pro. I have gotten FFP from a few different places, Parrot, Google, and a couple more I can't recall right now, but all have netted the same results. I am guessing the SC1 was running 1.4.7 when I got it and it fought me but I got it updated to 1.6.6. The BB1's firmware is still unknown due to my problem. The SC1 will not update to 1.7.4(last number might be wrong), Therefore will not connect and get all 3 things talking. I've done most of what I could find online to no avail. After I send this off I am going to attempt updating the BB1 by SD card instead of trying to do it through SC1/FFP. Who knows, that could be it. Here are the steps I have taken(multiple times). Turn both SC1 and BB1 on, connect them through BB1 wifi. Then I connect SC1 to phone/tablet/pc through SC1 wifi, I open FFP, and I can see SC1 is connected but cannot get FFP to recognize BB1when FFP asks for the connection. I hope this all makes sense because it sounds right in my head, LOL. I am not so good at nutshelling so I am going to end this here and say thanks in advance for the help and welcoming me to the group. I will update after SD card attempt.

Chris Beste
Greetings all, my name is kalimouse. Over the past few years, I've gained experience working with drones and have created various technological advancements to aid in search and rescue missions.
Hello everyone. Just acquired an AR.Drone (think it's a version 1) which hasn't been flown for years.
Have charged the battery, downloaded Freeflight 2 on an old mini iPad and got the drone flying - albeit for a short while.
There's a few issues to sort re 'control link lost', battery status et alia, so hoping for some help and answers from those with more experience on this forum!
Create a thread here to introduce yourself! Tell us about your experience and drones you currently fly...
Hello , Dbase5 Here. I own a Bebop 2 ( Old Black and Red one.). Loved it and had many good flights. Had to pack it up due to moving and its been 5 years and I have just unpacked it.
Man have things changed.
Hi I'm Steve, retired auto/truck mechanic in 1990, retired from IT programming in 2020, now retired from driving the last few years as an OTR and hazmat driver. I've been toying with the idea of operating a drone commercially since attending the 'Unmanned Vehicle University' in Toronto, Canada in 2015. I've been practicing flying with a Yuneec Typhoon since, now I've purchased a brand spanking new Parrot Anafi AI with the intention of using it for commercial mapping and modeling. I've got a lot to learn starting my 4th carreer in life, I think that I may have finally figured what I want to do now tht I've grown up.
Hi everyone,
My name is Terry, just realised that I'm on the forum in the Phantom section. I'm from the UK and just getting back into flying after a 5 year absence. I have just got a Bebop 1 drone, with 5 batteries, never been used and has a sky controller too. I know its an old drone but we'll see how it goes.
I live near Stratford on Avon in the UK
I also have a Phantom 3 Standard with some mods.
Hi I'm Dennis from Northern Ireland. I did own holystone hs700 for about a year until it flew off last week 😭 so I have just purchased a bebop 2 with sky controller from cex come Thursday can't wait. Any tips ?

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