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Lens distortion


Nov 9, 2018
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Is this what I can expect when I shoot still images? This was shot in raw mode and converted to jpg. Even though I can make the horizon level with PS raw, it screws up the original image integrity. Is there any way around this?
(file downsized to upload)


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The lens profile for the anafi is built into the Adobe tools, just need to select it.
I didn't expect the lens distortion either. It should be corrected in-camera. Parrot have corrected it in video, so it should be easy to extend to photos. Having a work-around is OK for those of us who can afford Adobe's extortionate subscription, but they have priced themselves out of my market.
It IS corrected in camera when you're in the default JPEG RECT mode! The other modes are there precisely for when you want to do better yourself. The link given above has the profiles in open formats you can use with other tools than Adobe ones if you don't like them.
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Thanks so much for this fix. All I have to do now is shoot a bit wider than I would normally. Then, when the correction is applied, I have my original composition. Much appreciated.
Can you please enlighten me on how to get the Adobe .lcp files, which I have downloaded from another thread, working in Rawtherapee?

Unzip the downloaded lcp folder.
Open Rawtherapee and import your photos.
Open the photo you want to correct.
On the right you'll see a column headed processing profiles. Go to the second row down and click on the symbol that looks like a triangle with a pair of scissors.
Scoll down to 'Profiled lens correction'.
Click on the folder to the right of the heading 'LCP File'.
Navigate to the lcp profile you want to use (probably in 'Downloads'). Click on it. The lcp should immediately correct your photo. If not, click on the 'distortion correction' button in Rawtherapee.
Save your image

Hope this works for you!:)
I have carefully followed Tase Gaofar's instructions and it has worked perfectly. I now have a photo with a straight horizon. Thanks to Tase Gaofar for the instructions and Dirk_ANAFI for providing a link to the LCP files.

I now have to get to grips with colour grading as the lens corrected photo looks a bit muddy (I did select the 'cloudy' option somewhere in Rawtherapee). I need to spend some more time learning the software to stop me making decent photos look rubbish in seconds :)
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Would anyone have the .LCP file for the Bebop Power or Bebop 2?

The .LCP files above work of the Anafi drone, but it seems that the Bebop Power has a different lens configuration.

Thanks for any help you can provide. :)
Try these attached files in Rawtherapee


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