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My Flights Data Missing

Liger 1956

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Aug 28, 2018
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Manchester, UK
I have only had my Anafi a few days but every time I have had a short flight it recorded the data in "My Flights" in FF6. I also have it set to load them on the Parrot cloud. Yesterday I chose to delete all of the flights. Today I made a short flight to try some features and see how far the battery would run down before it auto landed. The battery was at 5% when FF6 said that it was auto landing. It did not so I manually landed it at 3%. My phone was in airplane mode during the flight. I shut everything down, put the phone back in normal mode and opened FF6 to see the flight data but the list in "My Flights" is blank. Am I doing something wrong?

Whilst I was taking some photos I got a SD card error but I changed to video, took some footage, changed back to photos and it all seemed to work again. I am using the supplied card and I deleted all of the previous photos and videos before this flight.
This happend to me as well, as I switched off the drone and controller directly after the flight.
If you leave drone and controller switched on one or two minutes after landing, your flight data should be in the list.
Funnily enough I powered on the Anafi and connected direct with my tablet, not my phone, to format the memory card and today's flight data was in FF6. However today's flight data still does not appear on my phone.
It appears that the flight history is written to the SD card during the flight and transferred to FreeFlight 6 after landing. That's probably why you can not turn Anafi off when you've just come home but have to wait for a moment.

You find the log in the directory FDR on the SD card and copy it to your computer / tablet / phone by hand.

Regards Leif.
I had this issue too...I just wait about 30-45 seconds and my flight history populates itself.
I used airplane mode when I flew my Anafi this morning. I don't see my latest flight info in FF6. I checked the file creation date on my SD card and the date is 10/2/2017 instead of today 10/18/2018. At home after I charge the batt full. I connect the phone to the SC3 and ANafi is connected. I waited until 1/4 of the battery is burned still flight info could not be updated.

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