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No take off


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Jan 10, 2019
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Greetings everybody,
I am trying to have my first flight with the Anafi, but it refuses to Take Off. Did all the upgrades, calibration, etc. On the buttom of the screen gives an error about the vertical camera. I tried with an iPhone SE and an IPhone 8 and nothing. Can somebody advise me what can I do in this situation?
Thanks and have a nice day.
No filters or other stuff on the camera? Calibrations all done ? Someone here had a similar problem and it seems like the small cables which come out of the camera where somehow stuck behind the plastic on the side of the camera. At least enough that the camera couldn’t finish it’s initialization.
No filters, nothing extra but the drone exactly how it came out of the box. And even if the camera it’s not proper initialized, should’t it Take Off at least?
But usually the first time you start the drone and do all updates, it will prompt you to do a calibration
Hi,vertical camera is down on the belly/bottom of the Anafi,it is not camera on the gimball....vertical camera checks pattern of the ground and distance from drone to ground....in some instances it will prevent drone from taking of from shiny ground like hardwood floor,shiny tile floor,boats painted in white shiny color,ground with snow on it....that said chance of this is slim in most instances,possible but slim....you probably have faulty vertical camera or cable connecting camera to board is disconnected....your anafi is new,opening and checking connections willprobably messup warranty....check camera for any dirt and if there is nothing call store you got anafi from and ask for new one....try reseting anafi,i am not sure it will helpbut its worth trying


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Maybe it's worth taking the battery out. Leave it out for a few minutes. Then once you've attached the battery back turn it on and hopefully it'll calibrate.
I did try to take off the battery, to restart the drone, reinstall the app, turn to factory setting, calibrate again and still nothing. I’m on the point to throw in the snow and let it freeze!
Call Parrot. I’ve never had this warning ever and I’ve flown my Anafi everywhere. One last check, go into preferences and enable hand launch. Pick it up and see if you get the green fly bar at the top. If not, I suspect barometer not recognized properly so do try a more careful and deliberate calibration outdoors in the open on a level surface far away from metal objects.

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