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nvidia shield k1 table connection problems after Anafi 1.2.4 firmware update


Aug 11, 2018
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After the latest Anafi 1.2.4 firmware update came out I have not been able to establish a connection between the nvidia shield k1 tablet and the Anafi. It will not work for either usb connection or wifi. I had no troubles before the update. Anyone having similar issues? I have no problem using my samsung galaxy s7 as a control device and I applied the firmware update with this device.
I'm using the K1 and have had issues, although it's very frustrating I've been to work through connection issues. I'm even flying all three anafi on a single SC3. I use a shim to reboot the SC3 and or discount the USB to K1 and eventually it works.
It's not ideal but I'm flying a couple times everyday.
Sounds encouraging but have a few questions. Is there a particular order you do the shim reboot of the SC3 and unplug replug the usb cable to the tablet? My usual connection steps with any device are open SC3, power on Anafi, wait for self check to finish, plug in control device, select from pop up the app I want and then I'm usually ready.

I still need to check under developer settings to make sure unknown devices is turned on.

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