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Parrot Disco Teardown

Indeed a nice job! It helped with my current Disco surgery.

I crashed my Disco directly into a tree during a bank (way to windy to be flying it--complete stupidity on my part) resulting in the fuselage being cracked at the left servo and lost a big chunk. Couldn't find the chunk and the servo was just dangling when I finally found it. Beyond my skills to repair--large chunk gone and I'd have to rebuild it with new styrofoam or resin or something, sooo...

I found a new fuselage on ebay for a reasonable price and am in the process of transplanting the internal organs to the new body... but I found one issue -- the antenna. They seemed to be glued down pretty good. Any idea how to best remove them without damage (I fear for the Disco if I get my heat gun near it)? I noticed you didn't remove them in your teardown...?

Thanks in advance.

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