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Problem with cameraman


Feb 14, 2019
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Brand new to drones Only had a few flights
Yesterday used cameraman and smart dronies, no problem (except using parabola as I had changed the geofence height)
Changed battery tried to draw frame again and gimbal went skywards, drone did a partial turn and stated 'subject lost'
and before I could press stop to come out of mode it only offered me landing.
Was a bit of a shock as I did not feel in control of the drone.
Tried this several times with same result
Any ideas?
Do I need to do a reset?
Thanks in advance
Have you updated all firmwares? I had a similar problem in camera man mode. A couple months back. You first bracket your target then you could move the target to an off center position on the screen. The problem was that there were no limits to where you could put target and no reset if you wanted to recenter the target. Like you, I set my target then accidentally framed it outside of the field of view below the lower border and to the left. The camera gimbal would immediately look up and the drone would spin violently to the right until I took it out of camera man mode. Two days later an update came out and reset the camera.
Thanks Blue Heron
Will check for updates
Taking it out tomorrow
Fingers crossed
It was the violent spin that got me worried
Will hopefully post happier news
Thanks again

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