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Problems Panorama Function...


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Mar 20, 2019
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Hello everybody,

I have some problems with the Panorama function, always I had stitching Errors. I have already read that the Anafi has difficulties with Panos under 20m, when poor light, or the whole picture is low in contrast and so on.

Is it possible with "Papywizard" (RCPano) to write an XML file regarding the image positioning of the recorded frames, which is always in the order of 1 - 42 always the same. With this XML file, PTGui, Autopano Giga and other stitching programs know exactly where to position the image in the Panorama. In this way, stitching errors can be minimized ...
Unfortunately, I can not stitch with the app, since the resolution of the finished panorama is not sufficient ... Since the app stutters error-free, this will certainly synonymous back to the position data of the individual images. 'Would be great if you had this data as an XML file now.

Thanks and best regards...
True that, there is something going on. I sent Parrot some samples of what you have described and they replied my Anafi has a sensor error and they want to replace it. I sent Parrot all the info they requested and after a week have had no followup. About time to give Joe S. my Parrot CS rep a phone call?

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