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Real Time Battery Charge 49.5W Anker PD Charger

Well just charged up my 1:mad: battery from flying this morning 10% > 100% using these / 100 minutes :45s / Available at Best Buy.

Yup, my BB also has this charger, didn’t know for sure as to get it, but I do now. Tks.
Yup, my BB also has this charger, didn’t know for sure as to get it, but I do now. Tks.
Make sure you get the ThunderBolt cable as well you will see the difference in quality and thickness required to handle the PD protocol.
I thought it was time to try a PD Power Bank and the Anafi manual is correct it does not work.

The one I tried was a Omars Power Bank 20000mah (75Watt Hour).

Works via the other USB ports but only charging at 5v / 0.85amp so really slow :(

Anyone found one that does work with battery packs?

Also reading the manual, like DJI, these batteries also auto discharge to a lower level after 10 days.

EDIT: There is already a thread on Power Bank compatibility...
Can you charge the Anafi battery with a batterypack?
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Any other recommendations for a mains charger for the Anafi battery pack?
The Anker one is 30W output on the USB C port.
Would a charger with a higher output be quicker or is the charge rate limited by the battery?
I use helperinc 73W USB C PD3.0 charger.
Works well and reaches a charging time of 98 Minutes.
I think the charging current is limited by the battery and a faster charging is not possible, but a charging time under 100 Minutes is good for me.
Any USB C PD charger with min. 36W should reach this charging time.
It has been proven a few times already on the RCGroup forums the most one can get with a PD charger is 18W on an Anafi pack. That's 12V @ 1.5A
See above picture , this one charges a complete empty battery in 1 hour 45 minutes. Pd power.
OK so I already have a USB type C mains charger, an IMUTO 60W 6 port charger station.
I’ve ordered another two mains chargers, (I bought the anafi with 2 extra batteries from drones direct in the UK) so I can charge all 3 at the same time.
I went for an Inatek 60W USB C charger from Amazon and a 48W Syncwire Quickcharger 3.0 from ebay.
I already have an AUKEY 1m USB C TO USB C cable, I’ve ordered the 0.5M Belkin Thunderbolt 3 USB C cable listed earlier and the Inatek charger comes with a 2m USB C TO USB C cable.
I’ll let you know if I find any differences between them and in what combination they work best.
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I dropped in to Lindy UK today and bought a couple of their cables, one of their 20cm USB A to Micro B for connecting the controller to the phone, a 50cm USB 3.1 C to C with Power (rated at 100W Power Delivery) and one of Lindy's USB C Power/Voltage monitors.(DC<24V/6A)
I used battery 1 (of 3) today down to RTH level. Plugged it in to the Imuto mains charger C port with the Lindy cable.
The monitor indicated 4.94V charging at 1.75A. This took 3 hours to charge the pack fully.:sleep:
I don't think the Imuto charger is up to the job.:rolleyes:
Lets hope the new chargers arrive soon.
I used battery 2 (of 3) yesterday down to RTH (about 5%) level. Plugged it in to the Syncwire mains charger C port with the Lindy cable.
The monitor indicated 12V charging at 1.4A. This took 1 hour 45 mins to charge the pack fully.
What was said before about max charge rate seems to be holding out here.
In which case the (normally £11.19 but get 1 at 30% off if you buy another) charger and £17.99 cable would seem to be the way to go.
If only someone made a 3 port USB C PD charger...
Yes, 105 min is what you can reach with a good USB-C PD charger.
I measured 98..105 min from 7% to 100%.
Thats the fastest way by now to charge the Anafi battery.
Battery 3 (of 3) that I used yesterday, down to RTH (about 5%) level.
Plugged into the Inateck 60W charger with the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 cable.
The monitor indicated 12V charging at 1.45A. This took 1 hour 25 mins to charge the pack fully.
A little faster than the others but the charger is rated higher and subsequently more expensive at £29.99.
I'll try again with some different (less expensive) cables to see if it's the cable is making the difference or the charger.
Sorry, but never heard of anyone charging the Anafi battery in 85 Minutes. Shortest reported time was 97 Minutes.

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