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Anafi Flight Data


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Jul 27, 2018
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Northeast UK
One of the questions I posted to the VP @ Parrot (At several users request), was around the flight data. The questions were around:

  • data is lost if the flight is not completed, through either fly away or dunking
  • Option to provide better options for the recovery of data in the even of the above happening.

The response I got back yesterday, and I have changed nothing, is exactly:

On the flight logs, firstly any data is only ever shared with Parrot if the user chooses in line with the stringent GDPR. It is correct that the full flight data are uploaded from the Anafi to the smartphone device at the end of the flight. That’s why in case the Anafi gets lost there’s no way to recover the full flight data. Note this is true only when the Anafi gets lost. If the Anafi crashes but can be recovered and connected again to the device, then the flight logs are also recovered.

However, we do have a limited amount of data that is continuously transferred from the Anafi to the device during the flight. Those data are always available (even if the Anafi gets lost).Those data’s should be used by Parrot support team to investigate fly-aways, but of course there is a prerequisite: the user must have agreed to share their data. For users who don’t agree to share their data, we cannot provide any analysis or outcome. This data (right now) is not available for the users themselves as there’s no way to open & look into the file on the smartphone device.

You are right, that my support team should not keep asking for flight logs when the Anafi has been lost, I take this point to improve our processes, I am making a full review of flight data vs. scenario’s

So for me the interesting one is where he states that data is continuously transferred from Anafi to the device during flight. And the fact that is available to them IF we agree to share.

I know personally I have the option in FF6 to share, enabled. So if they know about this, and have access, why do they continually and repeatedly ask for data? That will certainly be the next question to them.

I suspect many of us have automatically selected to share the data with Parrot when we setup FF6. Unfortunately I dont have my FF6 at hand so cannot screenshot that section.

FF6 Data Options.jpg

managed to grab a screenshot of the relevant area
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Liger 1956

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Aug 28, 2018
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Manchester, UK
That is a very interesting reply and I admire him for being honest. I wonder what the name of the mystery file is. As the controller cannot connect to the internet by itself the file must be stored on the connected device and then uploaded to the Parrot servers from their. Is there a way to intercept the web traffic from FF6? However if we did manage to get hold of the file would we be able to decipher it as nobody, to me knowledge, has been able to read the encrypted files on the SD card in the Anafi. He also teases that the data may be available in the future to users.


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
I think a lot of Parrots problem with collecting log information and CS asking for it many times comes down to the only Tech people that can read it work at Parrot France home office where firmware and software are developed. They have the expertise and programs to analyze the information. This is why when Douglas put in a claim for his Anafi and asked to find out why it fell from the sky they said they would have to send the info to Paris. Of course he never heard back why it fell. Opening up the information to the consumer like other companies have may help but they might not want to do that as they want total control over the end result of a claim.


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Dec 26, 2019
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I suspect many of us have automatically selected to share the data with Parrot when we setup FF6. Unfortunately I dont have my FF6 at hand so cannot screenshot that section.
Perhaps you can asked, if people don't wanna or can share (no login to the account in FF6 possible), but have the bird, have the .json and the .bin file from the FDR folder, why refuses parrots service(callcenter) to check on the data themselves?
And if Parrot thinks, that this "not sharing (ability) via auto upload from FF6" is granting Parrot to void the warranty.
I would think, at least in europe, there is little chance that the question how Parrot gets there flight record from the customer makes a warranty valid or not!
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Sep 2, 2019
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USA West Coast
I also agreed to sharing my flight data on parrot servers
It is a bit confusing but I recall that it was anonymously
I think that may be the reason they ask you to highlight the Star next to flight data that is being uploaded??
Would be nice to have clarification on this point

As for Ana question about sharing the FDR folder, in the attached Parrot troubleshooting guide, they do reference sending it to support


  • troubleshooting_anafi.pdf
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