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ANAFI parts Availabe for Trade


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Nov 26, 2018
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I am Ravi From India, anybody having anafi and want anyof these parts please contact me,
i want to trade Parrot Anafi with 3 Extra Batteries ( Total 4 Battery, )
i had a serious crash 3 time with Smart Battery S/N C8H209645 ( this battery is problematic one , it cuts power around 35 to 30 % battery level and drone crashes). And ANAFI Gimbal L-Bracket is slightly bent which is preventing camera to stabilize. In crash Anafi front Right Arm and Back Left Arm was cracked and it is fixed with Industrial Glue.

Defactive parts
1. Gimbal L-Bracket Bent Slightly
2. Smart Battery S/N C8H209645 (purchased with drone)

Fully Functional Parts
1. Smart Battery S/N C8H160628 (Came with Drone)
2. Smart Battery S/N C8K299301 & C8K299825 ( Purchased on 7th May 2019 from Aliexpress,Both Battery is not Used more then 20 Cycles)
3. SkyCcntroller 3 S/N PI040443CA8H100373
4. ANAFI S/N 8I096725 ( 4 Motors and all sensors working Except Gimbal )
5. And all Box contents (USB-C Cable, 16 GB Micro SD, Tool to change Props, extra Props, Drone Case)

Drone Purchase Date 13th Nov 2018
for Battery and drone Checkup i am Also giving Full Flight Data.

Here is some photo of Invoice , Drone , battery and defective pars attached.
any body interested in any of these item please message me.


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