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BeBop Skycontroller Version Compatibility?


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Aug 31, 2018
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Kids just gave me a Bebop 2 for my Birthday today: it won't arrive here until Tuesday. Doesn't look like it comes with a controller. I wonder will it work with my Mambo/Swing Flypads or with my Anafi Skycontroller3. Does anybody have any experience with this?

Thanks, Eric
Congenital with getting a bebop 2, terrific drone especially with a Sky Controller 2.

The only experience I have with bebop 2, is using it with Sky Controller 2. This controller is your best bet, gives the bebop 2 long range up to 2.1 miles under right conditions.

eBay has them, usually for $100-150 bucks with rechargeable battery and charger.

Don’t get the big controller, go with Sky Controller 2. Good luck and keep us posted.

It won’t work with the swing/mambo controller, get the Sky Controller 2.

Hi,it will work with flypad perfectly,flypad is just bluetooth controller,it controls phone and phone controls bebop...whatever range you can get with your phone(100-200 yards/meters)is the range you can get ,where like you said,skycontroller 2 is directly connected to bebop and gives you much more range
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Okay, I got the new Bebop 2 today. I was able to use the Flypad with the Bebop 2 with no issues. I flew at close range in the backyard so I can not comment regarding extended range but it behaved well up close. I'll try so longer ranges when I get to the RC field this weekend (or earlier if I can sneak away!)

It would not pair up with the Anafi Skycontroller 3 at all.

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