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Checking in from New England


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May 22, 2021
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Long time drone enthusiast and certified DJI tech from New England here. Been out of the hobby for a few years but looking to get back into it.
I've owned several Bebop 1 + 2 units, including the 2 that I just bought back from a friend after he crashed it and munged the camera lens and battery. I plan to upgrade the battery and swap out the camera, then try to get the signal boosted for longer range flights. I just saw the message on Solaris's site about discontinuing all Parrot mods, so hopefully I can get my hands on something secondhand or develop something new. My dream mod would be a chassis with folding arms, as well as a wheeled chassis for ground-based racing.
Along with the BBs, I used to fly an Inspire 1, Phantom 2V+, 3Pro and 4, and test flew everything from the Phantom 1 to industrial Matrice units to FPV racing drones. That was the most fun I have ever had at a job and would love to get back into it one day.
For now I'll be reading up on your experiences and advice and hopefully contributing a bit of my own knowledge. Cheers.
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