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Dirty J Designs


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Jul 8, 2018
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Just thought I'd publicly comment on the mods I bought from them and comment on their customer service. I bought the leg protectors and the large cradle extenders. They are 3d printed parts. The parts are clean prints and the media is of good quality. I'm very happy with my parts.

Now on to the customer service. If I'm happy with the parts I'm amazed with the service. There was a simple mix in the initial order, I had ordered two items and only one was in the package. These things happen, no big deal. I contacted them.
the reacted quickly and gave me a couple choices to make me happy. Once I had decided they shipped out my parts priority and even included another part for free as an apology.

Good parts and first rate service. Deserves to be recognized.

Dirty J Designs
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I just got my order from them on the camera/gimbal protector, larger tablet adapter, and kicker and for the controller. Very effective and as advertised.
I got my iPhone adapter mount, along with the extra piece to keep the control turned off. Love the setup. I no longer have to remove my $1000 iPhone XS from it's Otterbox case. And with the extra piece, I can keep the controller open when not in use or while I'm getting everything set up and ready to fly. The added bonus is the attachment point for a lanyard. SWEET! Cheapest price online for all the pieces.....Dirty J direct. Highly recommend.

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