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Drone gps red (again)! Help!


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Dec 24, 2018
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Received my initial drone just after Xmas and after the first flight when I was getting ready for another day of flights my app was showing gps icon for the drone as red. Reinstalled app. Rebooted drone. Nothing. Contact Amazon and received a replacement drone since i saw in a similar post that there have been problematic gps modules. Got the the anafi and again the same thing. Too scared to fly it with the GPS being red. Any ideas?
What is red,skycontroller(phone)gps or drone gps....and what country,any ? or any obstacles around you.....my house is halfway up on the hill,i get weak phone gps and no drone gps,once i go away from house,aprox 100 yard/meters i get perfect gps
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Have you calibrated it outdoors in the open away from any metal objects? Have you let it sit in an open to the sky as much as possible spot and let it gather satellites? The only reason to fly with GPS on is for all the fancy features and RTH. You can fly your Anafi around you at close distances just fine without GPS. It may drift in the wind but if it’s low enough and the surface beneath it is right, the optical flow will help hold it in place. The Anafi flys great indoors because it can fly without GPS for this reason.

What is your previous WiFi camera drone experience and ownership? It sounds like you believe without GPS you can not fly or will not fly? Where did you here about faulty GPS modules? They are not using anything custom to them and that antenna is everywhere and works great for millions of products and they don’t really fail. Connections on WiFi networks are a whole other matter.

I’m not saying you are not having a problem but, your post unfortunately lacks detail other then you saw red, got scared, returned it, and now the new one is the same. With no information on what happened where and how under what conditions with what phone and OS, it makes it difficult to help you. Please provide more information including screen shots of what your the app is doing if you can.

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Ok. Went further away from my house and gps went Green!!!! Thanks everyone. It seems that if you are next to buildings the GPS does not connect easily (I wrongly assumed that the satellites would be overhead). After clearing my place by 5 meters or so (8meter tall building), it quickly went to green. I'm a new drone flyer so RTH is key for me so that I don't end up on the news with my drone landing on someone's head!
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Good that you sorted it out. Maybe keep an eye onto the gps and make some further tests. Tall building can of course lead to gps problems especially since the drone needs multiple satellites to get a good positioning. So could be that the building prevents you from getting enough connections. But I never had that happen for me yet.

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