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Flying with Smartphone vs Controller Situations


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Mar 11, 2019
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Do any of you fly strictly with the controller? I figure if it is just close flights and just film mode it should be fine and make the Anafi even more portable. But for faster sports flying or longer distances using the Skycontroller would be best. What about you guys?
Wifi alone is unusable in my book, hate touch controls and range is terrible.
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When I first got the Anafi, the controller would not connect to the phone, so I used the phone alone. It’s OK for limited flying ranges and somewhat clumsy control. I don’t know what would happen if the phone battery ran out of juice suddenly, as my iPhone 6s Plus is prone to due. However, it would be possible to connect an external battery to the phone, so that might be a solution.

Overall, when packed weight is critical, phone-only control still allows drone photography in a limited way.
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I found one problem using the phone alone. I was trying to do a dolly zoom for the first time. Would select subject but it would give me an error that the subject was too close. Only way for me to move the Anafi back is to go back to manual mode. Sometimes when I wanted to redo the rectangle the flight controls would pop up making it impossible to do it. I think for the modes you don’t have to draw a rectangle, perhaps smartphone only is fine as long as you are close.

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