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Just landed in Australia, and my anafi is grounded


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Feb 17, 2019
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Just arrived in Australia from the UK, ready to record my amazing trip travelling the Great Ocean Road... and my Anafi simply refuses to work, my phone connects to the Anafi's WiFi, but the app won't recognise it, the controller connects directly to the Anafi, but the freeflight 6 just simply refuses

Uninstalled, reinstalled
Hard reset of the Anafi
I can update the anafi software as the freeflight won't detect it

Any more ideas?
I'm sure you've tried all of this but:
TUrn phone off and on again, full off, full on. Turn Anafi Off. Set phone to airplane mode.
Turn on Anafi, Open Skycontroller but do not connect Phone.
When Skycontroller LED turns to solid blue, Connect phone and allow App to open.

If that doesn't work, goodness :/ Perhaps enter your phones boot menu depending on phone it could be, Power and Volume Down) and clear the cache.
I cannot help you with connecting to your Anafi but I hope that you have downloaded the RPAS "can I fly there' app to ensure that you are not breaking Australian CAA rules and liable to have your gear conficated and be fined.

I left my Anafi in the UK when we flew to Australia a fortnight ago as most of the places that we are visiting ban drones including national parks in Victoria like the Great Ocean Road. We were there last week and there was a lot of helicopter activity giving tourist flights.
Just worked it out... let the app open, do not open the app first! now works every time, thanks mockbird
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Authorized channels are different by countries. Maybe your last connected channel was not allowed in Australia. If there's connection error, pressing and holding the button of Anafi until 4 leds are on will be a good solution.
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