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Linking two Anafi drones to a single smart phone?


Mar 2, 2019
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I bought another Anafi to use as a back up in case the first one fails and can't link the new one to my smart phone. It accepts the password and links okay in Wi Fi but just doesn't connect. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
I imagine you'd have to re-install the app to get it working. While my Anafi is being reviewed for warranty, I'm keeping FF6 installed on my phone and currently I am borrowing a friend's anafi and using a different phone and account. Once my warranty claim is finished, I'll be more than happy to test and try to solve the issue that you're having. What phone are you using?
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I'm using a Galaxy S8 and all three connect as soon as I can get the app open.

Turn on Anafi
Turn on SC3, once solid blue light is on
turn location on your phone, plug SC3 into phone, app should open automatically. If not, open FF6
FF6 should show all connected . Go through your preflight checks, fly....

Upon any firmware update. I uninstall FF6 power off for about a minute, reboot.
Reinstall FF6, update SC3, Anafi. Preflight checks, fly.

I have three Anafi's but only two SC3.
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