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New update FF6 and F/W on Android Question


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Nov 29, 2018
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Hi Pilots,
Good morning,
is it true that the latest update this time on Android does not yet come with a panorama shoot feature?

Just tested mine. With drone on the ground, pano option was not there. Took off and hovered, pano option was now available. Dark here, so I will have to wait till tomorrow to see if/how it actually performs, but I am optimistic. Although it doesn't make sense to me why the option only appears after takeoff. Obviously you wouldn't try pano while on the ground, but still...
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Thanks for the information,
right now i'm using - Android 8.1.0
Pano works on an Android device. You must be airborn before pano appears on the menu.

Drive into town now, greetings Leif.
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There is a version 2.0 manual I found this am. I was up for a sunrise and had to wait for updates today. So far, I see better gimbal tilt meter, better histogram, better photo shutter where image goes grey while shooting.,and a precise take off that was not learned but it was dark...the actual parrot site has nothing I could find that pointed me to the new features easily.
Last night I did a hyperlapse of our holiday light parade. The updates are great but I got caught by hyperlapse not engaging first time as I did not choose a speed. I’m thinking it’s a preference that reset with the upgrade as now it knows my choice and opens properly. I’m charging all my batteries this am and going after some panoramas today. So far so good on this update and it seems better in flight as well.
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