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Official New Policy From Parrot With Canadian Warranties_Buyer Beware


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
Dear customer,

Parrot would like to thank you for your request.

You have contacted our technical support team for a problem with your product and we apologise for the inconvenience caused by its malfunction.

Following the report from our technical support team, it appears that your Parrot product must be dealt with by your retailer, who will take care of all the exchange or repair procedures involved, as specified in your device's user guide, during the legal warranty period of 12 months.
Your product was purchased directly from the manufacturer:

For products purchased directly from Parrot platforms (Opéra Store, or store.parrot.com, or Parrot Store on eBay and Priceminister) please click here to find a solution.
Your product was purchased outside your country of residence:

If you purchased your Parrot product in an airport, a duty free shop or outside your country of residence, please call the telephone number on your invoice or till receipt to find out how to return or repair your product.

Under the warranty Parrot cannot cover a product purchased outside our market places (Parrot Store, official Parrot Ebay, official Parrot Priceminister) or our Parrot store in Paris.
Your retailer refuses to cover the product:

Your product's retailer is responsible for offering you a sales solution during the warranty period, in compliance with the general terms and conditions of sale of the brand concerned.

If, for any reason, your retailer refuses to cover your Parrot product under warranty, please contact us again providing evidence of your retailer's refusal to cover the product under warranty, so that we may propose a solution.

We would like to remind you that certification of non-cover under warranty is an official document from your retailer, either signed or stamped, outlining the reason for refusing to cover your Parrot product. This document must be sent to the address [email protected]indicating your case number: XXXXX


  • Parrot may at its sole discretion contact your product's retailer for any additional information.
  • If the reason for the document presented is not deemed admissible, Parrot may ask you to request cover by the place of purchase, notifying it beforehand.
  • If the document stating non-cover is deemed valid, Parrot will propose a repair quote or a return offer, depending on the product concerned.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,

The Parrot Customer Service team.
Good luck having Bestbuy honor the warrant OR give you anything in writing saying they won't...
This is from the Bestbuy.ca site:

"Return PolicyDrones (over $200) Return Period: 30 days Condition: Unopened (no restocking fee) Condition: Opened (15% restocking fee) "
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Labour 1 Year
I think the best for anyone wanting to buy Parrot should buy through Amazon. They have always backed up anything I had bought through them.

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I think the best for anyone wanting to buy Parrot should buy through Amazon. They have always backed up anything I had bought through them.

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I second that.
I found some good deals for new on ebay and other sites, but then I went for Amazon. Unless perhaps the customer has returned routinely items in the past, my experience with Amazon is that they will just take products back without too many questions, so they are effectively a secondary warranty for free (or, better, for the price of whatever they charge more than cheaper sites).
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I think the best for anyone wanting to buy Parrot should buy through Amazon. They have always backed up anything I had bought through them.

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I'm going to post a separate thread on this but if you are anywhere in North America I suggest you do not buy the Anafi or any Parrot. I had a software induced crash that was handled under warranty after quite the long fashion. I had a second crash that was all my doing but in addition to the warranty issue, they will not sell parts or accessories directly to anyone in North America. You have to go through partners and good luck finding parts there. I have a $700 paper weight at this point. In theory I have parts on order arriving in August, but Amazon is using projected dates for that, I'll believe I'm getting them when they ship them.

The short story is that if you are in North America, Parrot does not stand behind their customers or products. This is maddening as I really like the drone.
I,too,give this info to anyone who inquires about the Anafi.I also mention Spatialtechnologies if they want to pursue the purchase of anything Parrot, as Kyle and his team seem to be the only hope in Canada.
Stay away from Bestbuy.ca as they will not warranty these products past the 30 day/(SEALED box only) time period but are more than happy to sell them to those who don't know any better. Kind of like Telus promoting Huawei phones after the western Canadian economy is destroyed by China.Enough said on that one...

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