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Parrot Disco charger connection type & backpack availability?


Jan 4, 2019
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I've just purchased my first disco and getting ready for its maiden flight hopefully later today :)

Probably a simple question but what is the connection type that slots into the charger (cables from the disco and the sc2)? I only got one charging unit and the official parrot ones seem pretty expensive so I was hoping there was a cheaper compatible version available.

I have tried searching this forum and google but couldn't find an answer :(

Also, I don't suppose anyone knows anywhere in the UK which is selling the disco backpack? New or Used I don't mind. I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Finding a backpack at a sensible price will be like winning the lottery unfortunately. I know that some have used a DJ flight case, the size used to store a double deck, available from Amazon:

As for charging the battery I use a regular hobby grade programable charger with a XT60 adaptor. This is much quicker than the supplied brick and also allows for storage charge if the battery is not to be used for sometime. Also it will prove invaluable if you decide to purchase regular hobby LiPo’s to use in the Disco.


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Thanks Nidge, I'll have a look into a similar charger on good old amazon :)

And I know what you mean about the backpack. I have already watched the video above and ordered a flight case to mod. Which is needed as I have already broken one of the servo arms which I have glued back together but not too confident it will hold together for long. So now I'm looking for an entry level 3d printer so I can print a replacement!!!
I have contemplated getting the same flightcase but as I’ve not flown my Disco in the last six months it’s not high on the shopping list of essentials. It’s worth watching a few YT vids of gun nuts carving the foam in these cases. It appears the consensus of opinion is to use an electric carving knife or a hot wire cutter for the neatest results.

As for chargers the most common and popular are the four button B6 chargers. There are many copies/fakes so it’s advisable to get the original SkyRC branded one, it will have a holographic sticker on the underside. As I have around 30 fixed wing and 50 multirotor models I use a four port charger. This is essentially four, four button, chargers in one box. If you are only going to be charging the Disco battery at home I’d recommend the single B6 charger with built in PSU. If you go with the 12Volt model I’d suggest a 12Volt PSU with a minimum output of 5Amp. As well as charging the Disco’s LiPo these chargers will also charge batteries with LiFe, NiCad, NiMH, and Pb, chemistries.


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