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Parrot telephone support opening hours


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Feb 18, 2019
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Does anyone know if Parrot's phone support is 24/7 ? I tried calling today for the first time (about 3pm on Saturday UK time) and after selecting a few options I then listened to annoying very repetitive music interspersed with being told my call is very important.... I gave up after exactly one hour. I have no idea if they were ever going to answer!

If anyone has any tips on when is good time to call them , please do share. I'm guessing it's a global call centre but maybe it's less busy at certain times and I picked a bad time?
I think thats about par for course on their telephone support line. I reverted to email, but it did take about 3 days to get a response on each occasion. On a slightly more positive note...... its better than DJI's record :)
Try email. I've had luck getting a response time within 24 hrs. I only called them one time when I need clarification with their response and got someone right away. I called them mid-morning central standard time(US).
Thanks! So I called today at 8.01 AM UK time and got hold of someone within a few seconds of pressing options 1 - 1.

At the end of the call I asked what the opening hours are and was told 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM Monday to Friday (UK). The lady said she was in France, by the way.

I pointed out that that it was currently just after 8.00 AM in the UK and she seemed surprised! We concluded that maybe the times will be 9-6 after the clocks go forward for summer time on 30th March.

So, it's either 9-6 or 8-5 Mon to Fri.

No idea how I ended up being in a queue listening to muzak for an hour on Saturday afternoon when it appears they are not open at all. (If you call on a Sunday it does tell you immediately the line is closed).

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