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Photo quality for prints with the Anafi


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Mar 2, 2019
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Hi All,

I'm thinking of getting an Anafi but wanted to know if anyone had been able to print photos taken with it at decent resolution and what kind of sizes (physical dimensions) you can print up to? Any insights greatly appreciated.

Cheers :)
Having sold many prints over the years,I think this subject is hard to quantify,really.
Depends a lot on ISO,camera movement,brightness at time of shot and amount/type of processing,file type/size, and the distance at which the photo will be viewed (good starting point is twice the diagonal of the photo being the closest viewpoint)
I have printed 24"×36" photos from my original Canon Rebel with 6 mp with excellent success,but that was also an APS-C sensor.Noticeable difference of sensor size.
It will also depend on variables such as media type(gloss paper under plain glass,non-reflective glass or canvas,etc.) and viewing distance from final print.
You may want to start with an 8x10 and work from there.
Thanks very much for the info - super useful!
Have you ever produced prints from your Anafi?
I am planning on trying out an A1 sized (roughly 85 x 55 cm) print in the near future, as I have quite a few images taken with the Anafi that are almost as good as those taken with my full-frame DSLR, when viewing them at high magnification after editing! I'll print it as a giclée print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Preferred Paper, which I love for colour prints that need a little more vibrancy & intensity of colour than is normally achieved with cotton rag papers.
That sounds exactly like the results I'd like (large format prints) would love to see your A1 print when complete. Thanks very much also for your views on papers also I hadn't realised the stock would make so much difference.


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