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Qestions about Beebop2 FPV...


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Apr 4, 2024
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Hello! I am novice! I need yours help with bebop. Soo many qestions!!!
1. Can i am change standart rear black blades on whait in complects ??? I want use only white blades.( i am cnow about hole in blades )
2. Why one rear blades blov, in air after 10 min flight, how it can be ? Damage blades, or bad bracing? (Luсky, small altitude,no damage for beebop)
3. What about use Automobile battary 12V or AGM Battary or Solar panel for charge battary outside town...???
4. Сan use easy BMS PCB 12.6V 3S40C the same as used on an li-ion battary for electric drill 12V ???

I am buy easy china balance charger 9-16V to 12.6V LiPo...But have qestions about connect cable...
in my charger only 4 pin small conector...
but i see pictures and videos how create charging connector. it have 4(smal)+2(big) Pin. Qestions- Whay need +2 big pin conectors(black and red)??? Only for balanced charger like IMax series,for load and testing???i May i not use them ???

Thanck you all for help! Wery wayting yors help!


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Hi there,

You can buy propeller blades on eBay (and I assume Amazon as well) in several colours. If you want all white ones, then just buy more white ones. You know about the location holes in the blade hubs, so you're not going to hurt your drone by putting the blades on the wrong engine.

With the cheap blades on eBay, you have to be careful that they fit tightly and cannot come loose. I had a cheap blade come off mid-flight, at about 50m above the ground. Luckily, the drone was OK.

I would not use anything but the correct charger for the batteries. You can easily damage them if you don't charge them properly.

The big connector (red/black wires) are used to charge the cells within the battery. The 4 smaller wires are used to balance the cells so they are all charged equally.


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