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Remote ID thought


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Jul 14, 2019
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What if DRI was submitted to the FAA as not Standard Remote ID, but alternative Remote ID by someone?

Consider the following

  • DRI meets the MOC as proven by it being used by the Anafi AI and Anafi USA
  • If a person submitted an DOC showing that DRI meets the MOC as far as transmitting parameters, they could state that the current serial number of each Anafi would be its new RID serial number entered as Alternate RID
I am just brainstorming. I have purchased an approved RID module for my Anafi Thermal, but am not thrilled at the added weight of the mount and the module.

What do others on this forum think and what am I missing that would make this not work.
Only manufacturers can submit DOCs. Yes as far as I know Anafi DRI already broadcasts all of the info for what is required to be broadcast module compliant. So people can already view that telemetry on your live flight and link it to your registered serial number at FAA. Wasn't that the main goal? No other drone does this, where the info is there but no DOC. Battery life may be reduced somewhat I would say with RID, may cause trouble with RTH guesstimation, who knows. Europe anafi 4k owners already have it on and being used for awhile now.
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I think people are paying attention to the document a little too much. The drone broadcasts everything that is standard remote ID related. The apps can see the ANAFI 4K and the control station. Just fly your drone until someone actually says something to you. There is only so much that the FAA can do in regards to seeing and recording every single drone that has already had this technology build in. There are manufacturers that have had this technology built in since 2016 and those are still being used for commercial purposes to this day.

A piece of paper should not ground your drone. Even if it didn't there are extrnal modules that don't even broadcast the amount of data that the ANAFI 4K broadcasts and those are meant to be mounted next to or on top of the drones GPS sensor already.... That should tell you how advanced in time the ANAFI 4K has been. European flight laws are a bit more strict than the US laws hence why this may have already been a think implemented in the software.
This forum and its brother and sister forums always strive to give accurate information. When you tell people that DRI is compliant with the FAA Remote ID FARs, you are telling them something that is not true.
People come to these forums and ask questions, and these forums self-police themselves to give the correct answer.

The correct answer in regards to Parrot's DRI meeting the current FAA Remote ID FAR, is that it does not. There is no DOC for the Parrot Anafi, Anafi Thermal and Anafi FPV.
Therefore it does not matter that DRI was ahead of its time and that current Remote ID apps can show your Anafi, Anafi Thermal and Anafi FPV's position and or the controllers.

The correct, factual answer remains, DRI is not compliant with Remote ID. If you are comfortable flying your Anafi, Anafi Thermal or Anafi FPV while being non-compliant with the FAA Remote ID FARs, then all the power to you, but please don't post information that others who are seeking the correct information may take as being true.
When did I say that it was compliant in my response?

Edited to add:
Please highlight where I said it was compliant.

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