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Sketchy end to an autonomous flight


Jan 16, 2022
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I've had my Anafi for about 3 weeks now, and this was the seccond time I've sent it on an autonomous flight beyond controller/video signal range. Both flight plans took the drone about 1.5 miles away and back, so a little over 3 miles total and about 8 minutes total flying time.

The first time everything went fine, Freeflight 6 warned that the drone would return home if signal is lost, but if it's following a flight plan it ignores that and keeps on going. When it got back within range (about .6 miiles) it reconnected and I was able to pilot it back manually.

The second flight started out fine but it never reconnected to my Skycontroller 3 on the way back. It inexplicably froze at the 3rd to the last waypoint, which thank God was close enough for me to hear it. It was hovering at 200ft over a field, about 20ft on my side of a fence line that I didn't have permission to cross. I tried rebooting the controller, removing/reconnecting the USB cable, restarting FF6, etc. multiple times and could not reconnect to it while standing right under it. I assumed it would land when the battery level got low enough and eventually it did, but it activated RTH so it landed at the launch point with 1% battery power remaining.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could have caused this and/or what I could to to prevent this from happening again? If it had frozen at a previous waypoint I doubt it would have made it back and I would have never known what happend to it. The logs show it had good GPS the entire time and good wifi signal after it got back within range, but it never reconnected to my controller.
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