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Sky Controller problems with drone going wrong way


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Mar 11, 2019
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Hey everyone, just got my Anafi. I sold my Phantom 3 Advanced. I will say first that the Skycontroller is not as refined as DJI's controller. The stick movements feel toyish compared to DJI's. I've only flown less than 10 minutes, but here is one thing I've noticed with the initial couple of flights. When I move the left stick to go forward, backward, left, right, there were a couple times (not all the time) when I would try to really go slow meaning barely moving the stick, and it would go a completely different direction than what I was expecting and I would have to make an immediate correction. It seems like there is some zone in the center that minute movements don't register properly or get confused with other directional movement. Anyone else experience this?
It's just less precise at holding position and navigation than you'd be used to with DJI stuff.
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Yesterday I had several instances of the Anafi behaving wildly when in Film mode, while testing out Follow Me Track mode going up & down a hill. When I pushed up because I was getting the "too low" message, it shot up several metres & just kept going, then did the same thing coming back down again, with it not responding to my urgent upward stick movements to stop it from slamming into the ground!

What I discovered was that with the latest FF6 update my Film Mode flight settings had been defaulted, once I calmed them down to the absolute minimum again, all was good in my Anafi world again.
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I'm thinking it has nothing to do with his inputs, just imprecise hovering when his sticks are still in the deadband.
Hmm that might’ve been what happened. I’ll keep my eye on it.

@Agustine after noticing it I did not try recalibrating.

Thanks for the input!
I don't have any experience with a DJI controller so the Anafi sticks feel fine to me. I think if you get use to one set of inputs and responses they become normal and natural to you so anything that doesn't have that same feel is going to strike you as strange and unnatural.
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