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SkyController 3 not connecting to Freeflight 6


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Apr 3, 2019
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Hi forum,
I'm sure i'm not the only one having this problem, after reading other forums, I still cannot find the answer!

I have my parrot anafi, updated to the latest firmware (as of 03/04/19) and my sky controller 3, also updated to the latest firmware. Running the latest app version on my Galaxy S8, however I just cannot get the app to see my controller, it just acts like a powerbank and charges my phone. It gets the drone via WiFi just fine, just no controller. I've tried other cables, different/older app versions to no avail.

I know that the USB A port cannot be broken as it works flawlessly with my dads iPhone (that's how I managed to update the controller to latest version). My USB C cable is an official Samsung one so none of this third party crap! Its not my phone port as it charges and transfers data with practically any cable I plug into it.

Any suggestions? Mabye I have to get a dedicated phone just for my drone, how ridiculous!

Many Thanks,
Freddie, just clarifying things, you are using a USB A to USB C cable, yes? We have three of these cables & only one of them works between my Skycontroller & my partners S9 & it's not her official Samsung one, which does otherwise work with any computer or other peripheral devices, just like you are experiencing.

I was curious to check out the differences of using the Android FF6 app & the iOS one. I'll stick with using the iOS one! I think that with Android phones there are just too many variables to get everything right for all phones, dependent on what electornics are used, as well as what apps, skins & tweaks are applied to the phone.
When you connect your Galaxy S8 look carefully through your notifications for "USB options" and make sure you select "file transfer." On my Galaxy J6+ a pop up appears after I do this and asks if I want to open FF6 with this USB connection. I check the box "Don't show this again' and OK. Sometimes I have had to delete some notification to even find this small one line "USB options" notification. Once done the first time you should have to do this each time you connect your device to skycontroller 3, but if your phone's operating system updates you may need to do it again.

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