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Where do you all get your music for videos from?


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Jan 5, 2019
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I tried a few sites for free music but then tried to post a vdeo that had Baby it;s cold outside and it got rejected lol. I see lots of video with some good old songs on them and I want to do the same.
So any suggestions?
Being a sound engineer i create my own just saying.mp3 .com has some good artists and you can buy a track for a dollar
If you are posting via YouTube, you can override the initial refusal notice, if the music is incidental to the video. You would have to go check how to do it, but I have done that in the past with one of my clips I created ages ago. I have currently been using mashups, which are musical interpretations based upon several music tracks for the audio backing of my learning to fly series of videos; but will move on to using royalty free music when I am finally at a stage of getting serious about the videos I release. At this point I am still learning to fly, capture good footage, & then edit that footage.

This was probably the holy grail of links that I found to background music options, both free & paid.
70+ Places to Find Background Music for Your Videos
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I've read a couple post on YouTube recently that seems to indicate they are getting more stringent on prohibiting the use of copyrighted material in the videos you post.

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