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WTF??? Price Drop Already??

That price drop has been out for a while now. When they ended the battery for a extra buck they came out with this offer. It is standard for a lot of UAV manufactures to do this except Autel. They still have their head in the sand thinking they will be number one LOL
When I bought my Yuneec Q500 when they first came out I paid 2100 buck Canadian and 8 months later I bought a second for 800 bucks Canadian, just they way the market is.
With the Yuneec Mantis coming out along with some pretty good discounts on the Mavic Air (saw it for $719 last week; $878 for the Fly more combo), Parrot had no choice but to lower the price. Hubsan is also coming out with a 4k, three axis mechanical gimbal drone called the Hubsan Zino that has some decent specs for $499. My guess is that the Anafi will settle in at $499, especially with Black Friday coming up in six weeks. I still think Parrot's marketing was off as several things (like the in app purchases for $17.99 each and no charger) turned some people off in the beginning. I know I waited until until three weeks ago to purchase mine, and along with the Anafi, I got a free extra battery and a 32gb SanDisk Extreme Plus card for the $699 price (Best Buy deal). Parrot should have been more aggressive in their marketing strategy - like most people out there, after spending two weeks with the drone, I like it enough to keep it, but Parrot could have easily incorporated some design upgrades that would have really made this a great drone, instead of a good to very good drone.
Couldn't agree more. But it's a good thing though because dropping the price down by $100, they just made the Anafi more marketable, like Agustine have said, this is something Autel should learn in order to stay competitive. Problem is that Autel only have one drone in the market.
Parrot are known to heavily overprice their stuff at launch to use the opportunity of milking the early adopters who are ready to pay that price even if that means low initial sales. Then once that's exhausted they go down to more normal prices to get volume sales...
I can't be the only one out here that knows Parrot has zero replacement parts for the Anafi...i crashed mine and need an arm and Parrot informed me that they do not do repairs and they have no replacement parts...how do they honor their 1 year parts and labor warranty????? There goes $700 worth of drone into the trash bucket!!
They certainly just replace the whole thing.

There might be 3rd parties selling parts.
No 3rd party parts available anywhere other than batteries and blades....parrot will not replace any crashed drone due to pilot error...but I should be able to buy parts to fix it but you cant...go ahead and call customer service and ask for parts. Dont exist!
This usually happens because of demand for the new product. All their resources are being used to produce as many new Anafis as they can. Once the demand drops off the next step is to start selling parts. I would have thought they would have at least had new arms and replacement cameras. I do think over time, not sure how much time but they will have as many parts available as the Bebop
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This is why I never buy first generation of any product. I wait 6 months to a year to buy it after the price drop and they have a mature firmware for the product.

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No 3rd party parts available anywhere other than batteries and blades....
Guess Parrot stuff isn't popular enough. There is the same issue of parts availability with DJI, but there are several companies who just buy brand new aircraft and take them apart to sell the parts to whoever needs.

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