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Anafi did a beginner


Mar 6, 2019
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Hi all, I'm thinking of getting an anafi to have a play with however haven't used drones before, some places online seem to say it would be good as a good quality starter unit others disagree, what are your thoughts?

While the Anafi is very docile in camera mode and the default settings I always recommend learning the flying aspect of operating a drone with something inexpensive. You can get a decent flying drone for under $100 and gain some good experience learning to fly. Some of these drones are very durable. I've crashed my Holystone H150 probably 50 times flying it around the house and in my small garage (great when the weather is not good) and the only thing broken was one propeller that can be replaced in five minutes (just about every drone comes with some extra propellers).

Probably the most fragile part of the Anafi is the camera. This is true of most drones that have a two or three axis gimbal. I doubt if my Anafi would have survived five crashes let along 50 and I would never fly it in my house or garage (o.k., I did hover in my house).

Once the flying aspect becomes second nature you can then focus on camera function. Trying to learn both at the same time is going to be very challenging. Initially I'd separate the two learning experiences. You are going to crash your first drone. There is a reason why most drones ship with extra propellers.

Do a search of "first", "crash" and "Anafi" or go to another website and search those words while substituting another brand's expensive model. Unfortunately you'll get too many results and stories of people that crashed their $500+ drone during one of their first flights.
The anafi is not for playing, and is more of a tool. A camera to be exact. That's why there are so many filming modes and the resolution is so good. Additionally, I believe the anafi is a lot more fragile that some less expensive drones on the market. One false move and that's 700 dollars down the drain.
Morning guys, thanks for all your responses!! I'll have a look at some cheaper ones first then try and sell it to my better half! If I can't convince her that i 'need' 2/a training one I guess I'll just have to be super careful, I say play with but I ultimately do want something which will get some reasonable footage and all the examples I have seen have been impressive, especially the 180 degree gimbal.

I'm in the uk by the way

Thanks again

As you are in the UK I suggest that you read the rules regarding the use of drones published on the CAA website and here Drone code - Dronesafe . Some new users think that they can fly and fake videos/photos anywhere they like but the reality is that the places that you can legally fly are being restricted all of the time e.g. most places that are tourist attractions.

Other than that I would echo other users comments about buying a cheaper version first. If you cannot afford to lose a Anafi do not buy one, especially as a beginner.
Have had a read of that and checked a few local areas using the drone assist by NATS for airspace restrictions
I am pleased that you are acting responsibly. Flying any R/C plane/drone is a bit like reverse gambling. Most of the time you will win and get it back in one piece but sometimes you will lose big time and crash or have major damage. As this appears to be your first experience at flying a drone I suggest starting off very slowly and, if possible, get an experienced person to help you. Also be sure to read the online instruction manual a few times and ask here for any clarification before for make any mistakes. Other than that I hope that you get a lot of enjoyment our of whatever you decide to purchase.
Get a cheap non GPS drone first and learn to fly then move to a GPS camera drone. If you must start with a GPS camera drone the Anafi is great (though service is horrible) make sure you use film mode NOT SPORT and turn on GEO FENCE in Safety and limit your distance and read you local flight regulations.

The problem with going right to a GPS Camera drone is they are easier to fly then the cheap
none GPS drone resulting in more control experience
The Anafi was my first drone and the first one I'd actually seen in the flesh. I watched countless YT videos, not just on the drone, but also the app.
It's easy to fly and even easier to crash. If you do get one then find yourself a large clear area to practice.

I can understand others telling you to get a cheap one to learn, but just go with your heart. I'm also from the UK and got my kit from Drones Direct.

Happy Flying :)
Hi, thanks for that, I'm sure whatever I ever up with I'll have plenty of questions!! Thanks everyone for your responces.

I'm sure I'll be back!!


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