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Anafi gimbal broken straight out of the box


Dec 6, 2018
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Has anyone seen this issue before.
The gimbal calinrates, but then is freaks out and violently shakes from left to right, it doenst stop unless the drone is shut down.

Impressed so far.....DJI still has no competitor?
It would certainly appear to be under warranty...
So just return it in exchange for a new one !!
Bought off private seller.
Silly of me, but parrot say it’s nothing to do with them
Impressed so far.....DJI still has no competitor?

Is it brand new? Bought through ebay or paid for via credit card or paypal? If so contact the seller or ebay or paypal or your card issuer. If it was sold as used and was a cash transaction then not sure what recourse you have.

I don't see why this indicates DJI have no competitor. DJI drones have plenty of issues too, as do all brands of drone. A cheap swipe at Parrot me thinks, although I can appreciate your frustration - mine arrived with a seemingly wonky GPS unit. It arrived on a Saturday, I contacted amazon and it was replaced on the Monday.
Yeah sorry, just some frustration boiled over after speaking to their help desk, or not so helpful as it appeared

I can get a refund, but Can’t get another and needed it for a trip next week so am left in the dark abit.

Shame as the look and feel of the drone was impressive. Just let down by it’s technology

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