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Blurring zoom in HDR


Jan 4, 2019
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I notice that the zoom in HDR mode is blurry or rather of poor quality, video and photo. By removing the HDR, I have no problem.
Do you meet this problem? It's a shame not to be able to enjoy the zoom in this mode.
In addition, the zoom in and out works for the video but for the photo, only the zoom out works. Do you have the same phenomenon?
I would like to know if it comes from my drone or is general to all ANAFI.
For information, the temperature for the tests was between 5 and 12 degrees Celsius, so not too cold.

Thanks a lot for your answers.
What do you mean by „only zoom out works for photos?“ how can you zoom out without having zoomed in first?

Anyway, I know that in darker environments, the HDR option introduces a bit of extra noise which makes sense as I guess what’s happening is that multiple images of various exposures are combined in realtime. But so far I never experienced more blur or other major quality loss. Are you flying on a bright sunny day or is it already pretty dark?

Blurry images are usually the result of a slow shutter speed which the camera will select if it’s to dark. Maybe check the current shutter speed and try to manually adjust it. Raising the ISO might not be a great option as it will lead to more noise in the image, but you can try it to test the difference between higher and lower shutter speed.
Thank you very much for your reply.
I go through the video mode to zoom in then I switch to photo mode. Zoom out is done directly in photo mode. Do you do the same thing?
I made the photos and videos in sunny weather and also in the shade and I have the same phenomenon in HDR mode. I do not think it comes from the lens or sensor because I have no problem without HDR.
I will indeed test with a faster shutter speed this week-end.
Best regards.
A I see what you mean. No so far if i want to zoom i just zoom in the mode i am using. I noticed that zooming in „JPEG Wide“ is disabled but that makes sense at in those mode, it is using the full sensor to create a 21MP image. So zooming would not make sense (you can always crop the image afterwards if you still want to zoom in on something). But the normal „JPEG Rect“ image with applied lens correction will be a 16MP image, so you can do a lossless zoom there (and maybe a bit further for lossy zoom).

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