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Fast charging from power bank?


Oct 31, 2018
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I know this has been brought up before but I couldn't seem to find any solid answers. Has anyone come across a good power bank that can quick charge using usb-c to usb-c? It seems like a lot of the models out there end up discharging the anafi battery instead of charging it. Just wondering if anyone has come across a specific unit that is working well for them.
I read that thread but it didn’t seem like anyone had a exact model of usbC to usbC power bank that worked consistently and is still for sale online. Did I miss one in there?
That is a problem, Chinese firms create new versions every other week and may make changes to current models to improve PD compatibility. I have one which tries to charge the power bank from the Anafi battery which is a common problem with a 2 way power port.

One can be pretty sure the basic ones will charge Anafi batteries at up to 2.5amps at 5volts but a lot of power bank sellers tend to exaggerate the capacity of the batteries and the maximum output current.
I can personally attest to the merits of having a Power Delivery Usb C power bank.

I was on vacation for 2 weeks in Colombia and was not able to get a second and third battery before my departure. Fortunately I did find a somewhat inexpensive 20000mAh 45W PD battery back. It gave me about 3 recharges in a day, and when you are far away from a wall outlet this was beyond great to have. At about 100+ minutes to charge it left me plenty of time to plan my flights between recharges. Just need to be sure you have backup of cable, just in case. RUPPOLAR USB C Portable Charger on Amazon is the one I bought btw. I recommend it for everyone. It is pretty slow to charge the batterypack back to 100, so I would say connect it and leave it charging overnight.

Power delivery usb C battery pack = 100% yes
Hoping to revisit this thread. Still looking for a good usb c to usb c power bank charger that works reliably. Anyone out there have a specific model that’s been working well for them??
So I've probably tried 5 different power banks at this point and can't find one that charges above 10 watts (5volt x 2 amps). Most banks seem to top out at about 7.5 watts (5v x 1.5 amp). Oddly enough, every once in a while I'll plug in the power bank and get 13 watts (5volt x 2.6 amp) although this is very rare and I can't seem to repeat this no matter what I try.

Most of the chargers I use say they support 5volt/3amp charging and some say they even support 9v/2a or 12v/1.5 amp charging although I've never got above 5 volt with any power bank (I can get 9volt with wall chargers though).

Anyone have a power bank that is working well for them and supports fast charging? The 2-3 hour charge time is really cutting into my flying time!
I have yet to find ANYTHING that will do the 18W PD stated by Parrot, but did find this:https://www.gearbest.com/power-banks/pp_009898699625.html

Don't believe the accuracy of all the different USB current/voltage testers. Also some of the earlier USB testers don't test and/or measure USB C. Though the signal may be there they don't seem to communicate with battery and switch to the higher voltage allowed.


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Thanks @Buck! I did some experimenting and it looks like using the usb testing meter I used was severely affecting my results for some reason. It took 3.5 hours to charge the battery with the meter attached but only 2 hours to charge without the meter attached. very odd that using the meter would affect my results like that.

Thanks for the recommendation on the power bank! do you every have a problem with the Anafi battery trying to charge the power bank (using the usb-c to usb-c) instead of the power bank charging the anafi?
@Thor. I have seen the Anafi battery try to charge some power banks. Generally this seems to be influenced by the USB tester and possibly by how compliant the power bank is. I've also seen a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging act like it was a old OTG, (Host on one end). Meaning trading ends made it work as expected, (charge the battery). WTF!
In the end it is probably related to how loosely the Chinese are to the actual spec.
I have read this thread several times - so what is the consensus for a power bank which will charge the Anafi batteries reasonably fast???

I am going to make my first power bank purchase soon, ideally around 20000mAh range - so would be good to get one which will also work well with the Anafi!

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