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First 360 Pano From New Firmware & App

Agustine, what did you use to stitch the 360?
I let the App stitch it. It gives you the option for low res or a higher res file. I choose the smaller one and it took about 5 minutes to stitch. I was impressed that it did not have that funnel effect looking up. Think this will be one of my favorite modes.

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Cool, I see you had some others from a while back, all nice.
I'm not understanding the stitching program, is it FF6?
Yes, it is part of the app now. It will produce the photo so you can share it on social media or upload it to a site like I did.

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Thanks everyone
After looking harder at the Pano you can see imperfections at the horizon where the trees are. The stitching was just not right in some places. Hopefully Parrot will fine tune the App to correct this. I have seen some where there is still a seam in the sky. I'm guessing it must be pretty hard to get them to line up 100%. Still very impressed with how it works for their first attempt.

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