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Fly on a lake


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Oct 16, 2018
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A few days ago I was flying near a lake. I was at a very low altitude, and as long as I stayed on dry land I had no problem.
When I went flying on the water, I realized that my anafi was moving sideways. I suppose the problem was due to the optical sensor, and to the fact that on the lake there were ripples caused by the wind moving in the same direction.
I must add that I think he lost the GPS signal.
Apart from that the GPS in general works quite badly (my phone finds the signal almost immediately, while ANAFI there are several minutes and sometimes it is not stable), someone tried to fly at low altitude on the water and found the same problems?
Your phone is using A-GPS, or Assisted GPS. It is not the same thing as a stand-alone autonomous GPS receiver in something like the Anafi, which does not have a direct network connection to employ A-GPS methods. The Anafi will always take longer to acquire a lock.
I know, in fact it is not a problem that some time is needed.
However, any unassisted GPS is faster, because it downloads the constellation configuration or at least saves the last view. This is why the times are called "COLD", "WARM" and "HOT" depending on how much time has passed since the last time the lock was made.
In addition, the software could send information from the phone.
Among other things in the interface I found no trace of indications like the number of satellites in sight, let alone the representation of the constellation.
In any case, what laments is not so much the timing as the instability. I often see that the lock is lost and hung up again.

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