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Gimbal calibration lost


Apr 9, 2019
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hello to all, I had to replace the camera and its gimbal after an accident because they were irretrievably damaged.
Now the camera works, but I can’t rotate it vertically, I tried to realign the gimbal from Freeflight, but nothing, reset will not start. Can anyone solve the problem?
Was the replacement camera brand new or second hand?
Have to carefully checked that all of the cables are fully connected and the the camera is free to rotate in all directions?
the camera is second handand is free to rotate both on vertical and horizontal axis I have checked several times the connection of contacts and are correct.
I think it may be an engine card problem.
My first Anafi also does this but it was in a crash with a tree. Camera works but will not move up or down. I believe it is from a bad camera board but not sure. Can you tell us why you had to replace the camera in the first place? Did it just stop working or was it also in a crash?
yes sorry,
anafi has fallen from a height of 1,5 mt and the bracket, that holds the camera bent and consequently could not rotate completely on the vertebral axis.
I forgot, I also replaced the motherboard with a recovered one working .
After reading your post I decided to work on mine. Turns out it was a bad connection. Playing around with the connectors without actually removing them I was able to get it to start working. It took two tries to finally get it to work and I can say it did not look like I moved the connectors at all but I guess just enough to line them back up to make a good connection. I know its frustrating but don't give up.
Hope you have some success
Sorry, folks...
I have a hunch that the gimbal and the motherboard are somehow paired...
I had more than 10 crashed Anafis to experiment with... so this is the conclusion.
The camera board has some eprom that stores information. If you replace the entire gimbal, no joy - only video feed, but no gimbal initialization. If you keep the camera board, but you swap the gimbal electronics (motors +drivers) the gimbal starts to autocalibrate, but is not finishing it - at least for me. I can guess the drivers are also paired with the mainboard ...
So be carefull when buying gimbal replacements - who guarantees they will work just by replacing them? I hope the SDK release will shed some light on this issue.
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I believe you are right, we are waiting for the SDK, hoping it will solve the problem.
I can confirm by my own recent experience - gimbals ARE paired with motherboards. Parrot, WHY??? It's a pain!
I have the same problem with my anafi- someone destroy my drone and I have changed few elements to make it fly again.

The camera was fine but one of the gimball motors died.

I have bought complete gimball with camera and swap my original camera module.

Now every single part is 100% fine, but thanks to gimball motors from a different anafi drone- gimball couldn't be calibrate properly (when the drone is turning on)

After really long waiting for any answer I have manage to contact with some support. They are aware that there is a problem and every single part are paired with mainboard and it is impossible to simply change one cheap part if it fails (like a gimball motors).

I have asked if there is some factory calibration and if it could be done if any part have been swapped from another anafi drone.

He have admit that there is a way and this kind of factory calibration could be done by some employee.

I was very happy that my drone will have another life and won''t be just a very expensive useless toy lying on the shelf since the camera is not working properly anymore.
Few days later I have receive this astimated repair cost invoice and my happiness has ended with 290e price.
This is only software repair job with no additional parts or delivery costs.

In my case I have bought anafi on ebay as a brand new, but I have got no receipt. Anafi support claims that without receipt I have no warranty and if I'd like to repair my gimball-calibration problem then I have to pay this (sick) kind of money.


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