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My Anafi fell immediately after take-off.


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Mar 4, 2019
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The flight was performed in Flight Plan mode. Previously, the drone has already performed a flight on the same mission. However, this time he immediately after take-off has accelerated sharply and fell. I recovered the video.

The drone is new, I bought it less than a week ago. I'm going on a trip in a few days and really wanted to take the drone with me. France is nearby, and in principle, I still have time to repair or replace the drone. But I don't know who in Parrot and how to report this urgent situation.

Does Parrot practice emergency repair or replacement?
Is it possible to determine the cause of the crash from the log files?
Parrot is not known to act very fast for anything. From what I can tell they do not do repairs, only exchanges. Your best bet for a fast replacement would be the store you bought it from or going to Parrot head office and kicking some butt. The last choice would be my choice but I live in Canada so I that will not happen.

As for log files you could download the .JSON file and look at with Show Anafi Log Project located here:

What I would be locking at in the log file is if you had good satellite coverage. The other thing might have happened is magnetic interference from rebar in those buildings you took off from.

If you do not know where your .JSON files are look for them here.

Many thanks.
Unfortunately, I didn't see anything in the logs that could clarify the situation. Maybe I'm missing something.
I would be grateful for help in analyzing the log. Filesize 49KB. Rename to *.json

The final part of the log.


  • 0914_2019-03-10T102814+0100_22B261_0002.txt
    48.5 KB · Views: 7
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Well my limited knowledge of what might have happened I do not see any problems in the log. Hopefully someone who has more experience then I might pick up on something I am missing. Seems like a perfect case to get a replacement or refund if you ask me.
Looks Very similar to problem I had on first flight of replacement from Parrot took off (same place I had over 100 flights from) and went out of control in 150 ft loop into a tree I had no control. I would contact Parrot they will want to look at log and video you may get a replacement. Your flight was 10 seconds mine was 15 seconds.
The only time I had a similar drift was due to magnetic or electro magnetic perturbations.

- Did you calibrate the Anafi after the update and the SC3 in a ‘safe environment’ (Not in a car, or near metallic parts, metal-reinforced concrete building or house, near electric wires...)
- you seem to take-off from a table, is it made of metal ?
- Is it possible to check the take-off area with a hand compass and see if the north indicated by the needle is consistant ?

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