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Numerous serial numbers on Anafi

C. Mudgeon

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Feb 20, 2019
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Dallas, Texas
I have found serial numbers in 4 locations on all the stuff that came with my Anafi Extended:
  1. On the airframe, underneath the battery.
  2. On the little WIFI label inside the case cover. (WIFI works fine)
  3. On the drone information page on the controller (not the controller S/N)
  4. On the box it all came in.
They are all different, although the last 6 digits are the same from all locations. This seems odd to me. Has anybody else encountered this?
The SN on the drone and wifi info sticker should match and this is the SN used to register the drone with the FAA and your insurance carrier if you hold a Part 107 certificate. The SN on the app is the SN linked to your flight data on the Parrot server for internal use only. The SN on the box is for the entire package and links the SN of the drone, controller and batteries so Parrot can track the hardware. Hope this helps.
Not quite sure I followed what you said exactly as I don't see any matching numbers.
I just purchased an Anafi Thermal and am wanting to register it and I'm not sure which of the numerous numbers on the drone under the battery is the number to use for the registration... Is it the number on the white sticker with the WIFI #?
I see another number under the Model info that includes the year the drone was manufactured... Need to know for sure which it is... can someone help?


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