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Official iOS FreeFlight6 + offer for 1$ for FlightPlan & 1$ for FollowMe


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Jul 27, 2018
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Hello guys, you probably received the following mail for ‘early adopters’ that did hesitate (like me) to buy add-ins but where interested (in Flight Plan for me).
So I downloaded the official App an the two AddIns... it worked for the advertised price ...

The official FreeFlight 6 app is now available on the App Store!

It is now time to switch to the official app available on the App Store! To reward your loyalty, we’re giving you exclusive access to both Follow Me and Flight Plan in-apps for only $0,99/£0,99/1,09€ on FreeFlight 6! Get the features quickly! After 30 days from the date you receive this email, the Follow Me and Flight Plan apps will default to its regular price of $17.99//£17.99/19,99€. Download the app now!
You don’t have to receive any emails.Open your app and buy them for 0.99 each.
I’ve just done it
Well I feel ripped off. Paid 17.99 just the other day when it first came available to buy on ios
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This work for android to. Paid full for flight plan but 1 euro for follow me.
I think many people bought in app when it came available , its really a rip off indeed. But i guess this is how it works with special offers.
Yup, I also received the email, from parrot. Than this morning got both upgrades for .99 cents. Been waiting.
Both were $0.99 today in the FreeFlight6 on Android as well. I grabbed both, not sure that I will ever use both, but well $0.99.
I also received this email but I own a bebop 2. There is any way to get both addins at 0.99 each?
Download Freeflight 6. Buy the in-app purchases. If you get an Anafi someday, you’ll be all set. If you don’t, well then you’ve only wast a couple euros.
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This work for android to. Paid full for flight plan but 1 euro for follow me.

Thanks for posting this - I checked after I got the email but they were still full price on Android - I just went back and checked and they were the sale price! I even had enough play credit from doing surveys that it cost me nothing!
A week ago, I bought "flight plan" at full price. Now it costs 0.99 Euro. :( I feel really cheated by Parrot, shame on you. :mad: Parrot should pay back the money by giving a discount when purchasing battery or propeller in their shop. :cool:

Then it was lucky I did not buy "follow me" at the same time ;) which is done now. :D

Regards Leif.

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