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Panoramic Sphere question


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Apr 7, 2019
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San Antonio, Tx
Just got my Anafi last week, still exploring all of its' recording options. Today, I did some Panoramic shots and just experimenting with the different options. The one I absolutely love, in camera mode, is the Sphere. While looking at the picture on my iPhone XS, using FreeFlight6, the virtual picture is unbelievable. My question though, is that the only way to view the Sphere picture, by using the FreeFlight6 software on my iPhone? That kinda stinks if it's the case. I'm still amazed how great the result is, but it would be even better to share it or be able to utilize it for others to view.
I know, or at least I think I know, that you can use the Cinema mode in video and do something similar? I haven't tried that feature yet.
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Google photos will animate the Anafi panoramas. Try letting it’s Cloud clone your library and they should work.

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I'll try the Google photos. Haven't used them before, but I have a Google account. I have a Facebook account, and I'll try that too. Kuula and Flickr, don't have a clue on those. :geek:
All you have to do with Kuula.com is upload your finished 360 photo that you either made in the App or in a stand a lone program and it will display your photo as a 360 degree render. I have done it many times
This was one of the surprise bonus features of using Android over IOS. Before they fixed their camera gallery to make the spheres work in the app, the download and stitching internally only made the flat pano that you could move and zoom with swiping. But Google photos automatically made a version that you can do the VR and even split for viewer.

(Side note that we are still fascinated by a 3D image through goggles like those early viewers at the turn of the previous century)

That made showing my images easy because I don’t need FF open at all post download of photos. The automatic file sharing Google photos has with the Android version of the app I find very useful and makes look great and as a photo pilot.

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Appreciate the info, I got it to work on Google Photos. Now to look into Kuula.com

My next project will be to try and film the 360 in Cinema mode.

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