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Phone Charging from Controller

Liger 1956

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Aug 28, 2018
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Manchester, UK
Forgive me if this has been covered before but I could not find anything on the forum.

When I connect my Android Moto G5 phone to the SC3 then phone starts to get charged from the controller. I can find no way in the phone settings to stop this behaviour. I understand that if I root the phone then I can install an app to alter the USB charging behaviour but I do not want to do that. I have used a meter and have found that the controller supplies about 0.5 amps to charge the phone.

Has anybody with an unrooted Android phone managed to stop the phone being charged when connected to the SC3 or am I worrying unduly?
I myself am happy with the controller passing energy to the phone and most of that goes to power the screen which is typically set for maximum brightness and thus maximum power consumption.
Is it actually charging the phone, or just saying it’s connected to some power, but not really sending much? Oh wait, I see you’re getting a half amp, not much, but more than I’ve seen with my iphones.

I use a USB voltmeter to check how much amperage devices will actually send to troubleshoot charging for things. I haven’t seen the skycontroller 2 or 3 actually send any meaningful amperage to say it’s charging anything, though maybe the USB-C port on SC3 will do it, I haven’t tried that yet. USB-C meter is still shipping at the moment.

I actually have the opposite concern, have had my phone die due to it being too cold out ( -10c ) and had to orient the disco back around and in for a landing with just the controller. I’d like if there was a way to supplement power to the phone, either from the controller or with passthrough from a battery pack.

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