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Skycontroller 3 design mistakes.

Aug 31, 2020
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Skycontroller 3 design mistakes. The purpose of this thread is to inform Parrot of the poor choices they made in implementing the Skycontroller 3. I call these poor choices mistakes because it was a mistake to implement them in the illogical manner they did. They should be rather easy to correct, though every change costs.

MISTAKE 1: RTH button should only cause ANAFI to execute RTH. (Never cancel return to home). This will have to be corrected in anafi firmware Im sure, so it really isn't the a change to the Skycontroller. That said, I prefer if the Anafi gets a RTH from the skycontroller button, when it is already in RTH mode that it ignore it. Rather than execute the command again.... but that is just a preference. In no case should pressing the RTH button on the Skycontroller cause RTH to cancel. Period. I don't care about the phone RTH cancel, but it isn't necessary... because if you arent returning to home you are gonna have to fly by stick. And touching the stick cancels RTH. Otherwise, you are just hovering. I dunno about sending a flight plan while returning to home. But i would rather cancel an autopilot function by bubmping the stick... like airplanes do.

Mistake 2: power on, connection status led needs to convey its information in less than 2 seconds. And the pattern should repeat twice in those 2 seconds because the pattern has to repeat before you can be sure what the pattern is. The whole implementation needs to be addressed. No fade in and out. Quick bright blink patterns. Meet the time requirement of two seconds two cycles. No one can afford to stare at an LED for several seconds while flying.

Thats all the mistakes i know of. Feel free to add two thiis list if you know of any skycontroller fuctions which need to be changed. I do not know if my skycontroller 2's also have mistake 1 or not. Of course, that would have to be fixed in the bebop's and disco firmware.

Improvement 1. A 2 cm bigger phone holder. My waterproof drop proof phone case will not fit. So i have to hold the dang phone. Certainly makes it difficult to keep from executing unwanted inputs.

Improvement 2: Enable a way to disable the skycontroller and phone from transmitting any command that terminates flight plan, or pauses it. Or from transmits any command whatsoever. I dont know how many times ghost typing or bumping a stick or button has caused problems with a flight plan in progress. Of course this mostly happens to me with skycontroller 2. But. I've learned not to touch anything and set the phone controller down somewhere safe until the drone returns via the Flightplan. Reliability of return via completion of flightplan has been 100 percent after at least 100 flights on disco,bebop2,anafi. But when I hold the controller phone anything can happen and any accidental, or ghost, or ? And the flight plan is cancelled. And the before you notice....some battery life is used up making your objective lost. SO a wasted flight. This would probably have to be implemented wth a two button press or something.

Improvement 3. Add audible tone to skycontroller. Or vibration. Connection status changes and/or other things can be brought to the operator's attention via these feedback cues.


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Jun 19, 2019
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I see one, (1) flaw in this opinion post. You seem to be under the impression that Parrot, (the company) a couple of years after release, reads these ParrotPilots threads.

Suggest you contact them directly and tell them how to fix it.
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