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Stuttering Pan


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Oct 31, 2018
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Hopefully I am missing something simple here.
I having dropped my ISO to 100 and lowered my framerates with ND filters,do I want higher or lower shutter speeds to keep panning from playing back with what I refer to as very noticeable stuttering...confused.
How fast are you turning? You need to pan pretty slowly to prevent stutter on the Anafi due to the image stabilisation - I feel it's one of the Anafi's weak points.
Barely any stick movement on low rotation setting.I notice it as well when the gimbal points downward and I move forward/backwards...
I had this initially too, but found that recording at 4K, with a fixed ISO of 100, a frame rate that is as close to half of the shutter speed as is humanly possible (sometimes a variable ND filter is needed to do this) & exposure then locked off (AE Lock) got rid of it for me.
I had this exact same issue. VLC playback was stuttering on panning movement, and I assumed this was the footage itself - it seems to have actually been the player, worked fine on Windows Media Player.
I’ve been testing ND filters and before I started editing, I dump the files on a USB stick and play them on the tv... yes I have a 4K 65” and that definitely helps lol... but this shows me how good it looks - before I stuff around with it on the pc!
I find it often looked better on the tv than through a $1K graphics card on an i7 pc!

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