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Anafi - Learning to fly - Murals

Great subject and great video. Even though the light is a bit flat it still looks great.
Thanks, Rob! It was a weird day, the whole city was shrouded in something, possibly smoke from bushfires. I forgot to check the media when I got home as to what it was. It would have been perfect for doing some macro photography in the garden with that giant soft-box effect to the light!

This was recorded in 4K P-Log at 24 fps & was my first attempt to colour grade in Final Cut Pro. That's going to take a little while to get my head around, as it's similar but different enough to photography editing to have a steep learning curve to it.
Was there a story you were trying to tell?
Not with this one, my first attempt at storytelling was with the forest video I shared last night. There were a series of videos I shared under the "Learning to fly" label that this one is a part of. They are exactly that, me learning to fly. I am a photographer, learning to become a drone videographer / photographer & I enjoy sharing the process of learning through the odd video like those in my "Learning to fly" series, which is now coming to an end.

The storytelling through cinematography is all new to me, so far I have been concentrating on flying technique & video capture. The storytelling is next up for me, in conjunction with more advanced captures. There's a lot to explore, discover & enjoy about this process.

It is a pity that there isn't a sub-forum devoted to the storytelling, image making, editing, etc... side of using a drone here. If you happen to know of a good one, please feel free to share it, I'll have a search for such a thing this afternoon when I get back.

Thanks for the questioning, it's appreciated. Photographically, I do take a lot of time to tell a story through my imagery & I am currently trying to work out how to bring that across into my cinematography as captured with the Anafi.

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