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New Zealand source for batteries


Jan 5, 2019
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Anyone know of somewhere that would supply additional batteries for the Anafi in New Zealand?
All stockists of the drone I have tried offer no accessories, so a bit stuck on how to buy one at a semi-reasonable price (Amazon May be an option but they seem to be after market batteries, at around US$130...)


Seems odd that UK Amazon now only have the aftermarket battery at £103, where as Parrot web site showing the genuine article at just under £90.

Not sure I entirely trust the aftermarket one, and why would you pay more anyway...... seems very odd.

I am guessing the situation is similar with yourself in New Zealand.

Just checked and Argos here in the UK has stock .....
Hi. I've asked Dronelab and they are talking to the importer/Parrot. Noel Leeming said "go to PBTech". I bought mine from PBs and they have been useless.
I'm surviving with a USB-C battery back and 12v/USB-C car charger at the moment. Adorama and B&H USA won't post but we have the NZPost "U-Shop" re-posting service available if all else fails (or I'll get my sister to bring a couple in from Wisconsin when she visits in May). I'll keep you in touch with progress.

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Lol got the same response from Dronelabs myself today.
I keep being pointed to JB Hifi in Australia but they won’t deliver to NZ, and same with PB Tech, along with Noel Leeming and pretty much all other retailers of the drone in NZ.
I’m still waiting on. Response from JB Hifi in NZ - I figure there’s some hope there if their Australian stores stock them!
Any news and I’ll update here too,

Thanks for the response.
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Update (and don't hate me for it...)
Dronelabs have gone quiet.
PB's are still hopeless w.r.t. spares.
I tried a UK distributor but no one will surface-post these days... so no.

BUT - My bro-in-law in Wisconsin has a Kiwi mate visiting (hereby known as 'the mule').

We didn't want to overload his bag (for customs reasons - batteries are ok if they are with the device they are intended for so since I have the drone and he doesn't, two small packs should not be obvious. 3 or 4 was probably pushing it) so two packs are on the way (assuming Amazon/Adorama deliver before next Friday).
My sis and bro-in-law are coming here in May - so if this goes well... I'll keep you in mind. The other option for you is - Aussie is such a popular holiday spot. I'm sure you will know someone going there/back at some stage.

At least charging on-the-run is easy with USB-C and 12v car-charging... even if it takes a while.
Hey pay for my plane ticket down there from Canada and I will be a Mule :giggle: I even have a Anafi so they will not suspect a thing when I land with a suitcase full of batteries LOL
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Clearly not getting the updates! Just logged in and found all this ?
I got a response from Aquila Technology Limited who stated their supplier has a
MOQ (minimum order qty) requirement of 100 units at a time and they don’t have the critical mass of sales to justify an order just yet.
My most hopeful approach has been to JB Hifi as they sell the batteries in Australia but not NZ (and no option to deliver to NZ from Aus) - though my first email has gone unanswered... I’ve followed up again today. Fingers crossed.
All other responses I’ve had from Anafi drone sellers have been negative or gone unresponded to - I am yet to point out any obligations under the consumer guarantees act around being able to repair or replace parts for a reasonable time - though not sure how this supports accessory supply!
May have to convince my brother in Aus to come for a holiday!
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I have been trying to get batteries since before Xmas, it was a nightmare, gone through everyone, Parrot, PBtech, DroneLab, Ascent, etc... many emails and nothing. So Luckily my colleague has a buddy in the USA, so I purchased the batteries off Parrot and sent it to his address and it will be here end of January when he comes over.
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Here’s the current state of responses I’ve had about batteries in New Zealand.

If anyone knows of other local options, I’d love to try them...
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That's crazy! Are you folks allowed to buy from JB's here in Oz at all? If not, can someone here buy them for you & mail them to you? I know they are only $139 AU at JB's, I ordered 2 last week & they should be arriving tomorrow.
I have a club mate that watched me with my Anafi last week... and he prefers what he sees, compared with the DJI offering. I said about the non-existence of support. He however goes the Oz at least twice a year- he family there so he knows he can get batteries... but it shouldn’t be this hard.

For a retailer (or 8) to sell unsupported kit... seriously unimpressed.
That's crazy! Are you folks allowed to buy from JB's here in Oz at all? If not, can someone here buy them for you & mail them to you? I know they are only $139 AU at JB's, I ordered 2 last week & they should be arriving tomorrow.

We can order, but lithium batteries won’t be shipped to NZ - and Australia Post don’t allow the batteries to be mailed. Only option seems to be with someone travelling across the ditch.
What’s most frustrating is the JB Hifi in NZ won’t bring them in despite stocking in Australia.

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