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Video Editing

Hawkeye Alaska

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Oct 9, 2018
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What do you use and can you tell me why. Haven't done any in about 8 years and even then it was simple. Start, stop, and music.

I have been amazed watching everyone videos

For easy editing I use CyberLink PowerDirector that I bought a few years ago. It does a good job and does not slow my computer down all that much. For the last year or so I have switch over to Adobe Premiere as it has way more options and is better for color grading. Learning curve at the start is large but with Youtube Tutorials I caught on pretty fast and for what I don't understand Youtube again pulls me through.
I have tried DaVinci Resolve but just don't like it. That might be just me but it is another learning curve I do not wish to go through.
For my music I try to download mostly free stuff but most sucks. One place to get free music is Soundimage.org
Eric puts out some good tunes for drone videos and is active on some of the forums. I should invite him over here to start posting his stuff for us.
For uploading I used Youtube and last year I switched to Vimeo with their paid account but posting 4K was not included in the package I bought so I dropped them.
Hope this helps some.
I'd also play around with these to see what you like:
Hey guys,
I’m thinking of getting the anafi. I currently have a MacBook Pro and I’m pretty proficient at using adobe creative cloud 2018. Has anyone had any experience with anafi video codecs and investing into premier? Does it play well with the software or is it glitchy?? Any help would be awesome! Thanks in advance
I had the same question recently and found it hard to get decent answers beyond what people are using, but someone on Facebook gave me a link to this site: What Software Should I Use? It lists all the editing software and so I knew what might suit me. I'm using Filmora now and am really impressed, as it has most of the features of pro apps, but is cheap and very easy to get to grips with.
I ve tried a bunch of IPad and PC apps over the years and always come back to iMovie on my iPad. Powerful enough yet simple. Only glitch is that it will not take Anafi videos unless they have been edited and saved first in another app. So now I just clip a second at the beginning or end in the iPad photo app and then they work just fine.

See the Bahamas video I posted here earlier today. Done in iMovie for iPad

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